The Magnet is a friendly spot for food, beer and the occasional stiff drink. We’re located at 309 West Pender in Vancouver BC.

Questions asked frequently:

Are you closed holidays?


Do you take reservations?

We take one or two resos per night between 4-6:30pm. We leave the rest of the seats open for walk-ins. (We’re a pretty small place with *counter service* so reservations don’t really make sense, but if you have a bigger group send us an email & we’ll try to accommodate you if we can. (email

What do you mean, “counter service”?

At the Magnet you order your food and drinks up at the bar. We pour your drinks on the spot and you take them back to the table, but we bring the food to you.

Do you have a maximum group size?

Officially, no. But we’ve found that 8-10 is about the biggest group size we can comfortably manage especially at peak times.

Why can’t I find the phone number on the website?

Well, truth be told, we sorta kinda don’t have one. Please don’t hate us. If you can’t find the info you’re looking for here, please fire off an email, we’re usually pretty prompt with our replies.

What’s your like, fooood concept???

Well, no concept. Just good grub with an understated complexity that goes particularly well with beer. Everything is prepared from scratch using seasonal ingredients. Chef Paul Finlay cut his teeth in kitchens at an early age. By 16 he already knew his way around a boning knife when he enrolled in the cooking program at the illustrious Kirby College in the North East of England. From there he misspent his 20’s toughing it out in the harsh kitchens of some of Nottingham & Brighton’s finest. The food here at the Magnet is understated but should not be overlooked! You could say there’s a little English influence in the DNA of the menu – ahem….MEAT PIES!!!

Do you just have beer to drink?

Nope. Whilst we certainly hang our hat on our beer selection, we have some excellent non beer options.

Such as..?

Well, we have some fantastic cocktails on tap crafted and kegged for us by our friends Resurrection and Odd Society Spirits, two excellent Vancouver based distilleries. We wanted you to have delicious cocktails made by serious professionals served to you quickly at the counter. We pour over a big cube and garnish at the bar, the finesse work has already been done at the source so you don’t have to wait whilst we shake, stir and you know, kinda faff about like those fancy bartenders you see out there in the world. You’re welcome.

Okay, what else?

Well, we got some BC Natural Wines on tap, Dickies Ginger on tap and a schwack of rifs on the Mule we make here.

“Natural Wine”? Sounds a bit like hipster jiggery pokery to me. What’s the deal?

Well, the wineries typically use handpicked grapes grown by small scale, independent producers on organic and/or biodynamic vineyards. They are usually unfiltered, unfined and often spontaneously fermented and sulphite free. Usually accompanied with a very on point Instagram account.  So, yeah totally hipsterified but more importantly, delicious.